Favorite Books

“As a tree is hid in a seed so your future as a leader is not ahead of you, it’s within you.”

Our contemporary philosophy of leadership comes from the Greek thinkers. Our schools teach those philosophies in courses on management, leadership, or psychology and throughout the curriculum.
That is why schools make you read Plato, Aristotle, and other classic philosophers. They have to get those ideas in your head, so that when you”

“come out, you will behave yourself and be a nice follower or an entitled leader. (It’s also the reason why we have IQ tests, to separate losers from the leaders.)
When I was in school, teachers sent to educate us in the colony of the Bahamas had nearly dismissed me as incapable of learning. I was considered retarded. My teachers told me, “You will never learn.” I was getting F’s. It was common for us native Bahamians to be treated this way, and we rebelled.
From reading the Bible, however, I discovered that my leadership potential was inherent. I began making A’s. That school where I was getting F’s and that labeled me a half-breed monkey now has my books in its library.
When I was 15, I began to speak publicly and to share my convictions about the value of humans. Reading scriptures, I had learned to appreciate my own value. I understood that every human being is equal in value before God and in the family of humankind and deserves to be treated equally. That discovery came from my encounter with the leadership style of Jesus Christ, and that is the foundation “of my entire life to this day.
Discovering my value before God and in the human family as revealed in the Bible enabled me to resolve my issues that resulted from living under oppression by colonial powers in the Bahamas. It resolved my issues with racism. It resolved my issues with segregation and discrimination. When I began my ministry in 1980 with a small Bible study, I did not want to become a pastor. I had a desire to share my ideas about human value. That idea attracted people to my ministry and allowed it to grow and touch people all over the world.”

Excerpt From: Munroe, Myles. “In Charge.” FaithWords, 2008-11-10. iBooks.
This material may be protected by copyright.

Check out this book on the iBookstore: https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/in-charge/id357659523?mt=11


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