“Faith in Power, not Performance

“Faith in Power, not Performance

Faith that works is faith rightly placed. In other words, the object of our faith—who or what we believe—makes all the difference between success or failure and life or death. Faith to live beyond the tests “kingdom faith—is strengthened by conviction in the power of God, not His works. I’ve said this several times before, but it bears saying again because it is so important. Many believers today are so performance-oriented, so entertainment-focused, that the strength and continuity of their faith depends on regularly seeing God do something wonderful in their lives or the lives of people close to them. If God fails to act in some kind of tangible, visible manner, they become confused and doubtful, and their faith wavers.
The way to avoid this trap of self-deception and pseudo-faith is to make sure we put our trust not in the works of God but in the fact that God has the power—and the right—to do anything. Even if God doesn’t always act the way we expect, we still must trust in Him and His power. God has both the power to do and the power not to do. He has the power to help or not to help, and sometimes we forget that. Our faith must be in God and His power because “His power is more important than His works. Just because God’s power is not at work in a visible, tangible way does not mean His power is not present.
Faith in God (not His power) activates His power. Jesus steadfastly refused demands that He perform a sign to “prove” who He was because such a demand revealed that true faith was not present. And where faith was lacking, little of God’s power manifested. Matthew 13:58 says that when Jesus visited His hometown of Nazareth He “did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith.” Miracle power was present, but the unbelief of the people shut it down. Their lack of faith cut off their access to the miracle-working power of God.

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3 comments on ““Faith in Power, not Performance

  1. We must be all helped with the woeful, little faith we have. Let’s pray for more faith, as well as the works to go with it. As Saint James said, ‘faith without works is dead.’

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