“Vision is the capacity to see beyond what your eyes take in

“Vision is the capacity to see beyond what your eyes take in.

“True leadership is the manifestation of passion generated by a vision that regulates the priority and energy of a leader. The leader possesses the vision. Then the vision possesses the leader. All true visionary leaders possess a sense of destiny.
It is my conviction that leadership without vision is simply management. While the transition from manager to leader may be a natural progression, it is not an automatic promotion. In general, leaders were previously managers, but not all managers will become leaders. Managers maintain well, organize well. Leaders have vision. They make things happen. To visionary leaders, the vision is their reality and is the purpose for their leadership. It is vision that provides the momentum for leadership, and it is the end for which leadership exists. It is vision that gives meaning to leadership. Vision is the heart of leadership and is the measure of effective leadership. Vision is the inspiration of leadership. Vision gives legitimacy to leadership as it gives followers the noble justification for submitting their energies, talents, resources, and dedication to a cause. Vision provides the direction and force for leadership. Leadership begins and ends with vision.

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4 comments on ““Vision is the capacity to see beyond what your eyes take in

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  2. Not all are called to be leaders. For those of us that are, we have to be even more careful not to sin. Bishops and presbyters, for example, have to be more careful, since they are a mirror of the Church and her ideals, and they must set a good example for others to follow. It is something I wish more leaders did, whether secular or religious. Vision is important for good leadership, too, but we also need to plan and be effective, and we need to have will power and drive, and constant habit. We get better at something when we put it into practice, after all.

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