“The Kingdom of Heaven is our inheritance.

“The Kingdom of Heaven is our inheritance.

“From the beginning, God’s original purpose and plan was to rule the earth from Heaven through His family of humankind. He created man for this very reason. Man’s original purpose was to dominate the earth through Kingdom influence. God’s strategy for accomplishing this was to establish a colony of Heaven on earth. His intention was to influence the earth from Heaven so that the earth would begin to take on the culture of Heaven. In this manner, the influence of the invisible heavenly Kingdom would permeate, fill, and cover the visible physical earthly realm.
A kingdom, as we have already seen, is “the governing influence of a king over his territory, impacting it with his will, his intent and his purpose, manifesting that impact through the development of a culture that is manifested in its citizens. In other words, every kingdom manifests itself in the lifestyle and culture of its people. This means that every citizen of a kingdom is supposed to take on the nature of the king. “God’s intent for us as Kingdom citizens is that we take on the culture of Heaven so that in whatever we do or say it will be evident that we belong to the Kingdom of Heaven. That is why we don’t use foul language or lie or cheat or practice deceit or give way to jealousy or hatred. Those things are not part of Heaven’s culture and therefore are foreign to us. As Kingdom citizens we are from God’s country and “both our language and our lifestyle should reflect that.

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