“The Government of Man versus the Government of God

“The Government of Man versus the Government of God

The Bible is the most misunderstood book on planet earth, not only by those who do not prescribe to it, but also by many of those who claim to know and embrace its message. Simply stated, the Bible is about a King, a Kingdom, and a royal family of children. The Bible is not about religion and was never intended to be a religious book. Rather, its story and message are about the desire of a King “to extend His Kingdom to new territories through His royal family. The Bible, therefore, is about government and governing.
What is government? Government is about order, influence, administration, distribution, protection, maintenance, accountability, responsibility. and productivity. Technically speaking, government is the person, group, or organization that executes the functions of governing. This is manifested in the exercise of authority and jurisdiction over territory and a citizenry. Government was first established by the command and mandate of God to Adam and incorporates the need to order, work, oversee, guard, and protect.
The roots of government in the western world reach back to the world of the Greeks. In Greek, government (kubernites) literally means to steer, to pilot, or to act as a rudder. Without law and government we have chaos. So, government is the power given or derived for the purpose of making and enforcing laws for a certain territory.
Governing incorporates the concepts of both power and authority. These two are distinct from “each other and must be fully understood in order to appreciate the proper context of government. Both authority and power must be in balance for government to be successful. Authority has to do with responsibility while power has to do with ability. Authority has to do with empowerment; power focuses on exercising authority. Authority gives power its legality. Power without legitimate authority is dictatorship and inevitably results in abuse, oppression, and destruction. Authority gives power its rights.
Authority is the key to successful government. If the ruling power does not have authority, it cannot govern. The authority to govern either is given by way of a popular vote or derived by way of inherent authority. Earthly governments derive their authority from the people either through a process of choice or by usurping authority through force. For instance, a president or premier or prime minister is imbued with authority by the people who voted him or her into power.

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