“Don’t Forget the Little Things In marriage.

“Don’t Forget the Little Things In marriage.

Understanding and practicing general concepts such as marital responsibilities, submission, and communication are key to a happy and successful marriage. As critical as these principles are, however, ultimate success depends also in giving attention to the “little things”—those simple, ongoing, daily courtesies and considerations that enhance communication and add sweetness to a relationship. Because they are simple, the “little things” can be easily overlooked amidst the clamor of more pressing concerns.
In marriage, as in any other endeavor, we cannot afford to underestimate the importance of “little things” to overall success. The Great Wall of China was built one brick at a time. The Great Pyramid on the Giza plateau in Egypt rose up stone by stone. Ignoring little details may lead to serious consequences. As 17th-century English poet George Herbert wrote:

vision, purpose, destiny,


5 comments on ““Don’t Forget the Little Things In marriage.

  1. The mistake many young people make early in marriage is that they think once they are married they have made their greatest accomplishment, not realizing that they are only beginning their greatest accomplishment by learning ‘baby steps” first before they get into a more mature stride just as Brother Shockley suggests. My wife and I celebrated our 53rd wedding anniversary Monday July 15, 2013 and I can honestly say that we are still building on our marriage one step at a time as we focus on building our marriage with Christ.

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