“Visible position does not equal greater value.

“Visible position does not equal greater value.

“This importance of position is evident throughout life. Let’s use the example of a cell phone to illustrate this truth.
A cell phone has many parts, some visible and some invisible. Among the visible parts of a basic phone are the earpiece and microphone, the key pad, the LCD screen, and the power receptor to plug in your wall charger. Internally, there are wires, a SIM card, a battery, and so on.
If the key pad decides it no longer wants to be a key pad, but prefers to be the LCD screen because it is highly visible, the caller would never reach his party because the phone could not dial the number. Or if the earpiece tries to act like the key pad, the phone would make a call but the caller would not be able to communicate with the other person because the earpiece would not transmit sound. “Like the parts of a phone, each person God creates has a specific place within the overall scheme of His plan for the world. Character, nature, gifts, and position are specially designed to fulfill whatever task God purposed for each individual. Frustration results whenever we try to fulfill a position that we are not designed to occupy because failure to accomplish our God-given tasks is disobedience.

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