“If you don’t find your God-given purpose, satan will supply one for you.”

“If you don’t find your God-given purpose, satan will supply one for you.”

“God needs you to accept and agree with His will for your life. He also needs you to commit yourself entirely into His keeping without taking your life “back now and then when you question what He is doing or where He is going. Only then can you avoid the perils or pitfalls of known purpose that would sidetrack your pursuit of purpose. His plans and purposes will prevail no matter how long it takes Him to achieve them, but He will not override your resistance or excuse your disobedience. He cannot make you successful until you allow Him to undo and redo the results and the motives of your sinful inclinations and to clarify and realign your distorted perceptions. “The key to purposeful living is to take to heart the truth of Jesus’ words—“Apart from Me you can do nothing” (John 15:5)—and to commit your life to pursuing purpose with a passion. Then you will know victory over the peril of ignorance and the pitfalls of known purpose, and you will experience the freedom to be a successful, happy, productive child of God.

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4 comments on ““If you don’t find your God-given purpose, satan will supply one for you.”

  1. I sit here faced with many paths in front of me. I certainly do not want The Devil leading me down one of those paths. I truly trust in the Lord and I know he will guide me down the path I should be on. I want to live out my God Given Purpose. So… I am listening carefully so I know what God wants me to do. Thank you for your posts. They always uplift my day:)
    Kimberly Rae

  2. You could not be more correct…Everyone has been given a special talent, left unlit until God strikes a match…That particular aptitude, for me, is humor. Finding random strangers (Lord’s Compass) and making them laugh is a daily goal…Often they have a load on their backs and humor allows the freedom to converse…Network your abilities; the results are staggering…Thanks for the like of “Faith isn’t…….”

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