“Praise is seeking God. Worship is being found by Him.

“Praise is seeking God. Worship is being found by Him.

The goal of praise is to create an atmosphere for the presence of God. This is why Abraham, Moses, and David were such close friends with God. They made room for Him in their life. Their deep hunger to know and obey Him was the basis for their relationship with Him.
This is true for all genuine worshipers. They love to be with God and He loves to be with them. He shows up because they “have an authentic devotion to Him and a passion for Him.
Thus, praise and worship are related but very different activities and experiences. Praise is initiated by us. Worship is God’s response.
Praise is something we do. Worship is something God releases. Praise is our building a house for God. Worship is God moving in.
Worship cannot be generated by us. It is completely dependent on God. We may seek to enter worship through praise, but it is up to God whether He will respond to our initiative.
In truth, we cannot worship God unless we have first praised Him, and this praise must be genuine. Otherwise, Jesus’ indictment against the Pharisees may also be leveled against us: “These people honor Me with their lips, but their hearts are far from Me. They worship Me in vain … (Matthew 15:8-9).
True praise and worship are tough, but the results are awesome because everything we need is in God’s presence. Joy, rest, peace, mercy, power, victory, wisdom: All these and more are available to us in the presence of God.

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