Bishop Veron Ashe Prodigal Son Part 1


12 comments on “Bishop Veron Ashe Prodigal Son Part 1

  1. Thank you good sir. Umm on occasion, I do post things that are considered, uhh tawdry. OK OK, down right tasteless. 🙂

  2. Bishop Veron Ashe lost his battle with Cancer on Saturday January 18, 2014 around 8pm in San Francisco. I knew him personally and he will be missed.

  3. Like you I had the privilege to know him personally, and take him to lunch when he came to my church WOLCC in Moreno Valley, I will never forget him as he came several times. He greatest so misunderstood..rightly so the same was said of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He will truly be missed

  4. I’m so upset over his death. I was praying he would beat it! One of the greatest theological minds of this generation. I know he had some struggles but he was also in great physical distress and i DO NOT hold any of those struggles or the problems that were made public against him. He knew God!

  5. I attended Is Madera and Fresno Church for years. He gave me a strong
    Foundation in Christ. I will be forever changed. I will never forget what he
    Did for me and my family. Sandy Haar.

  6. I am almost speechless…. that I never heard of Bishop Vernon Ashe until about 3 weeks ago…I believe God hide him from me until now. I have never heard a man or woman expound the word of God as he does,revelations, mysteries and just real bible truths. I finally heard one that can stretch me into wanting more ….of God’s word. I have almost heard every teaching on u tube. TIRED OF CHURCH AS USUAL….Please if anyone have any more, please post.

    • When I reflect on all the things that happened – this situation leaves me feeling extremely sad – I have met some great men and women of God some of these people took God for granted- in some ways the greatness went over there heads and they found themselves too much in a familiar place. Humans forget that it is not about us but God. We are not perfect but seek to achieve better. Were do we go from here, by now we should realise that God is the only way for our future peace, happiness and more,- For without God we have nothing……,

      If you believe why not repent and sincerely try again – but this time try to get it right…..

      God Bless

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