HAPPY NEW YEAR? 2013 Please do the right thing

HAPPY NEW YEAR? 2013 Please do the right thing

We are coming to a close of another year 2012 . It was a pretty good year it had its good times and bad times , its high and lows , but through it all it was still was a good year . Coming into the year 2013 many people are getting ready to go to parties, making new year resolutions . Some are going to celebrate the new year praising God , some are going to celebrate in a club or having a party , but the sad thing about going into another year is some people will not live to see it . Sometimes life has many challenges,
the best way I know how to bring in the new year is not going to a club or party or standing in longlines , but recognizing that I have a purpose and a destiny . Making each year a better one than the last . So I pray that each one have a very blessed and safe new year 2013 , have fun spend time with your family .praise God knowing who you are in Christ and have a blessed year God Bless!

vision, purpose, destiny,


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