Are you a leader or a follower “Ability without skill is the source of mediocrity.”

Are you a leader or a follower “Ability without skill is the source of mediocrity.”

“If I was born to lead, why do I have to prepare for it?”
You would be justified in asking that. Preparation is necessary before one undertakes any endeavor. You might have the capacity to do a task and the potential for success, but to achieve it you will need some tools. The Savior’s admonition that “whoever wants to become great” implies a process of preparation (Matthew 20:26, emphasis added).
Without some training, your chances of fulfilling your purpose are slim. Whosoever becomes the” “CEO probably spent some time as the intern.
While leadership is inherent, success at it will require some preparation, study, prayer, or contemplation. To carry out the mission, orders, or contract, a leader must have some assets.
Are there characteristics that effective leaders have in common? If you studied the lives of great leaders— even those in your company or neighborhood who run a staff, a team, or a family— you would probably be able to list some similarities.
At the top of the list is probably the ability to inspire. Leaders inspire. To inspire is to activate, to mobilize. To inspire is to make others internalize your decisions, your values or your goals.
Leaders who cannot inspire people often try to manipulate them, but true leadership is setting an example for others to emulate because they are inspired. Those who play on people’s fears, threaten, promise, or coerce are not leaders; they are professional manipulators. Their aim is to control, oppress, dictate.
What is the difference? If I order you to do something and I threaten you with consequences— perhaps a pay cut, a demotion, or even violence— that” “is coercion. If I lead by example, if I make you want to do what I ask you to do, that is inspirational leadership. If I wash the feet of my friends and co-workers, as Jesus did to demonstrate servant leadership, and I urge you to do likewise for others, and you do, that is inspiration at work.”

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