Should God expect any less from us? Jonah was now stinky and ugly, but he still had to preach. His rebellion didn’t cause God to change or adjust his plan at all. God’s second word to Jonah was the same as His first word. Jonah’s wishes, preferences, and prejudices didn’t enter the picture.
But the beauty of the third chapter of Jonah is that Jonah got a second chance. The wonder is that instead of dying in the stomach of that fish, Jonah got a return trip back to God’s will.
Now it definitely was not a convenient return trip. But then, you can’t run to Tarshish to avoid having to obey God and then expect to have an easy trip back. This is a principle we often forget. This is the part of the process we don’t want.”
“Men are especially bad here. We mess up, then we expect to do one little thing or make one little adjustment and have everything running smoothly again. I wonder how many times a wife has said to a husband, “You men are all alike. You expect everything to be wonderful again just because you said you’re sorry.”
Our wives have a point. You can’t defy God and take off in the other direction the way Jonah did without having a few bumps on the return trip. The longer you stay on that boat to Tarshish, the farther and bumpier the ride back is going to be.
God told Jonah to go to Nineveh, but He had another stop for Jonah to make first. The text says the fish vomited Jonah onto dry land (2:10), not at the front gate of Nineveh. He still had to go to Nineveh.
What I think happened here is that God took Jonah back to Joppa, his port of departure, so he could start off right from the point where he started off wrong. God often brings us back to the point where we messed up so we can fix it.”

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  1. This so true. But my problem was, I would run from my problems. I ran to different states only to end up back where I started. God brought me back to Missouri to face the problem I didnt want to deal with, family. I did, and they journey has been a great one.

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