“A marriage without love is a slave to fear and division. “Playing the Blame Game “Blame flourishes where love is absent.”

“A marriage without love is a slave to fear and division. “Playing the Blame Game “Blame flourishes where love is absent.”

“the fundamental change that sin brought to their relationship is that Adam and Eve began playing the blame game. Blame flourishes where love is absent. Adam blamed Eve, Eve blamed the serpent, and neither was willing to accept personal responsibility for their actions. People often say and do ridiculous things when they try to avoid taking responsibility. Consider what Adam said: “The woman You put here with me—she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.” He makes it sound as though he was completely helpless. In effect, Adam is telling God, “It’s her fault, this woman that You gave me. She body-slammed me, got me in a headlock, tore my mouth open, stuffed the fruit in, and moved my jaws up and down saying, ‘Come on, chew it.’”
“Simply stated, Adam did not want to take responsibility for what happened to his family. Neither did Eve. When God asked, “What is this you have done?” she tried to pass the buck. “The serpent deceived me, and I ate.” On the surface, what she said is true; the serpent did deceive her. That did not excuse her from responsibility, however. She knew what God had said and chose to disobey.” “Reluctance to assume responsibility is a very common problem in our modern society, a symptom of the sinfulness of a human race in rebellion against our Creator. “Pop” psychology tells us that we are all “victims.” If we’re messed up it is because of our environment, or because we were abused as children, or we were socially or economically deprived, or any number of other excuses. We bear no responsibility”
“This same attitude characterizes marriage “outside the garden.” When no one is willing to accept responsibility, everybody suffers. People can become downright illogical when they want to avoid responsibility. In an effort to justify irresponsible behavior they start using excuses that don’t make any sense and state them as if they are irrefutable law. The world’s design for marriage is the opposite of God’s design. Marriage “outside the garden” is the marriage of blame, irresponsible activity, transferring and passing the buck, and men failing to take their rightful and responsible place as head of the home. In the world’s system, marriage can be jettisoned when the going gets rough.”

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2 comments on ““A marriage without love is a slave to fear and division. “Playing the Blame Game “Blame flourishes where love is absent.”

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