Do you think you would pay more attention if God spoke to you from heaven or through the voice of a living prophet than if he spoke to you from the written words of Scripture? Would you believe or obey such words more” “readily than you do Scripture? Do you think your present level of response to the written words of Scripture is an appropriate one? What positive steps can you take to make your attitude toward Scripture more like the kind of attitude God wants you to have?
When you think about the many ways in which God speaks and the frequency with which God communicates with his creatures through these means, what conclusions might you draw concerning the nature of God and the things that bring delight to him?”

Midwestern Bible Institute produces anointed, equipped leaders for ministry!

Our School
MWBI is a free online Bible college that seeks to provide students with a thorough and comprehensive Christian education and the opportunity to develop a strong commitment and devotion to the Lord. Therefore, MWBI’s programs emphasize spiritual growth. Students are always encouraged to begin and end their day with personal devotion and meditation. This allows them to see their spiritual growth, as well as instills in them a commitment to personal accountability. Midwestern Bible Institute http://www.midwesternbi.net

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