“There is something in you more precious than what others have said about you.”

“There is something in you more precious than what others have said about you.”

“I have a piece of wooden sculpture in my home that I did about 15 years ago. The sculpture isn’t what I intended it to be because as I was chiseling out the image that I had seen in the tree, part of it was knocked off by too much pressure. Because that part dropped off, I could no longer create the image that I had intended. So I looked at the piece of wood again. I walked around it thinking, “I’ve “gotta change my concept a little.” I had to rethink how to retain the beauty of the sculpture though I had lost an important part of the wood.
Eventually, I modified my design. But I am the only person who knows that piece of sculpture was made from a modified design. The modification is not evident in the finished form. If I showed you the piece, you wouldn’t even notice what I’m talking about. People have admired that piece of wood for many years. They look at it and say, “Wow! This is beautiful.” And I never tell them that what they see is not what they were originally supposed to see.
That piece of sculpture sitting in my home reminds me of your life and mine. Parts of our lives have been knocked off by our past. We’ve done some dumb things that have messed up the beauty God intended. But look what God has done. He’s saved us. Instead of discarding us because we have not turned out like He intended us to be, He has taken us—including our marred and chipped and rusted and knocked off past—and formed us into something beautiful. When people “see us now, they won’t believe what we used to be. And God”
“will never tell them. Hallelujah! When people look at you and think you are the best thing that ever came down the pike, don’t tell them what you used to be. Just say, “Thank you very much. The Chief Sculptor had His hands on me.” God can bring beauty out of your mistakes. He can take what you have messed up and bless it up. He can take the thing that seemed impossible to you and form it into something beautiful.
In every piece of stone a sculptor sees a figure. But we never see it until he takes it out. Whereas we may see only an old stump of a tree on the side of the road, a wood sculptor sees a beautiful piece that we would pay thousands of dollars to own. What looks like garbage to the nonartistic person is a treasure to the artist.”

From: Myles Munroe

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