“God is the same whether or not you praise Him.”

“God is the same whether or not you praise Him.”

“If God were moved by my praise—or by my lack of praise—I would be able to determine what kind of day God has. How absurd! “If this were true, He would not be—indeed, could not be—the faithful, unchanging God He is. Instead, the quality of His day would depend on the quality of my praise.
Why, then, if my praise does not move or change God, does change sometimes come because of praise? Whom does the praise affect? “God is the same all the time, but you are not. This is why you need the stability of God’s unchanging presence to keep your world in balance. You need Somebody who is, and always will be, the same every day, all day.
Our days go up and down—sometimes higher, sometimes lower. This is never true for God. His days are always up. He’s there all the time with the same attitude, the same perspective, and the same abilities. Consequently, His presence in your “day is quite important.
When He is with you because you have created an atmosphere in which He can dwell, your day is a day of His making no matter what it holds—thus, the common saying, “Lord, help me to remember that there is nothing in this day that You and I can’t handle together.” In other words, God makes your day when you give it to Him at the start through praise.
So if you were just fired, say, “God, make my day,” and invite Him to come to you through praise. Then He can turn your firing into a hiring. Likewise, if you wake up feeling ill, say, “God, make my day,” and praise Him despite your illness. This gives Him the opportunity to get into your environment where He can touch and heal you.

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