“Children are a Heritage from The Lord / Parenting is a great joy, but it is also a great responsibility.

“Children are a Heritage from The Lord / Parenting is a great joy, but it is also a great responsibility.

“Children are dear to God’s heart. The growth and perpetuation of human society both depend on children. From the beginning God established a firm foundation upon which to build society
“Good parenting is no accident. It cannot be done passively or from a distance, either physically or emotionally. Effective parenting is focused, intentional, and deliberate. Parents must plan for success, and godly offspring is the goal. If our children grow up sharing our moral, ethical, and spiritual values, we have succeeded as parents. If they learn to love, worship, follow and serve the Lord, we have succeeded as parents.
Who of us would not take the greatest care to protect and preserve a treasure in our possession? There is no greater treasure on earth than our children. They are a heritage from God, and as godly parents we have a responsibility and an obligation under God to treat them as such. Our goal is to produce godly offspring who will glorify and honor their heavenly Father.”

“Parenting is a great joy, but it is also a great responsibility. God has made clear in His Word, the Bible, what He requires and expects of parents and holds them accountable for. His mandate is simple: Parents, train your children.
Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it (Proverbs 22:6).”
“What we fail to teach and impart to our children during their first seven years of life, they will learn later only with great difficulty, if at all. Early training establishes the foundation for later life. Even when older children and adolescents test their boundaries (as they always do), they generally return to the beliefs and values they learned in their earliest years, if those lessons were taught with integrity and consistency and by parental example.”

“children cannot train themselves. This should go without saying, yet there are still many parents who basically let their children make all of their own decisions and generally fend for themselves, even at very early ages. Training of the children is almost non-existent. When questioned, these parents often defend their actions (or inaction) by claiming that they don’t want to force their own beliefs on their children or restrict their children’s freedom to choose their own path. This is sheer folly and a recipe for disaster because children have not yet developed the capacity to make wise and mature choices. They need the clear and steady guidance of adults who can show them the way. They need the training of parents.”

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3 comments on ““Children are a Heritage from The Lord / Parenting is a great joy, but it is also a great responsibility.

  1. Children are precious in God’s eyes as well as they should be in ours. As parents we are charged by God to raise them in the right manner, not to let them raise themselves. Some parents don’t understand that raising a child is their duty. To many children are left to fend for themselves, and it’s a major burden for them..Parents who don’t understand this need to seek parenting skills, not just let them go and run wild. It would be good if we all went back the old days where they act like a village and work together for the good of the children. Instead they want to get upset when their child is wrong, and instead of addressing their kids issues, they want to make a bigger issue about the person and what they are doing to try to help. It’s time parents take a look at what are doing wrong and try to fix it. Fix it by putting their kids first and themselves second. Parents need to stay involved in children’s business, in to their life. It is a must to keep the lines of communication open and learn to listen to what children are saying. Don’t pacify them with material things, and most of all don’t be their friend, be their parent. Believe it or not children rather have the discipline than having their own way, even though they get mad about the discipline, in the end they will know their parent cares about them. All to often parents would rather be their friend instead of parenting because they don’t want their child upset with them. Parents you’re not the enemy, so stop thinking that,your children love you, even when they’re wrong.

    Love the children.

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