Human potential without godly purpose produces self-destruction.

The Bible tells us a story about people who decided to build a city with a tower that reached to the heavens. They wanted to “make a name” for themselves. When God saw how committed the builders were to their task He said, “…nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.” So He came down and confused their languages so they couldn’t work together. That stopped their building (Genesis 11:8).” “Do you think God was against the tower? No. God was against the goal of the tower. They did not have a relationship with God. They were ungodly men and women who intended to build a tower to heaven so their name could be great. They weren’t interested in making God’s name great; they wanted to make a name for themselves.
When God saw how committed they were to their task, He knew He had to stop them. Otherwise, they would be able to do anything they wanted to. God made this declaration to men who had no relationship with Him. Yet He saw in them the potential to do much. He knew the potential, ability and untapped power He had placed within all men.
Think then what you can do if you are hooked up with your Source. Jesus came into the world to reestablish your connection with God. He came to show you who you really are underneath the cap of sin and disobedience. He came to teach you how to look beyond the realm of the visible into the unseen sphere of faith.” “Man has accomplished many things without God. Many inventors in the world are ungodly people. Most of the people who do great feats and accomplish great exploits are ungodly people. Imagine what would happen if they were hooked up with God. Jesus came to provide that hookup. When God saw what we could and should do, it disappointed Him that we were not aware of it. So He paid the greatest price necessary—the cost of His own life—to release our full potential. Then He said, “Now go on, son. Do all you can dream. If you can think it, daughter, you can do it.”

From: Myles Munroe


One comment on “Human potential without godly purpose produces self-destruction.

  1. I really liked this one Pastor Tim (Timothy), for to this end is found the stumbling block to man’s attempt at exercising his/their intellectualism without concern or return to give God His respect and worship due Him. To slight God will yield nothing but sorrow… but to seek God is found the beginning of wisdom. Have a “God day” Tim… and thanks for dropping in on me at,”e ratio verbum (out of reasoning word).” I’m glad to say I have a new friend in the body of Christ… and may you and your whole family find blessings uncounted on, I pray you’ll have a Merry Christmas. Maranatha.

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