Please take note that Joseph didn’t let his bad family background interfere with his present responsibility.
Let me say again what we’ve been trying to say we can’t use someone else’s irresponsibility in the past as an excuse for our irresponsibility in the present. If you are blaming what your parents or your wife or the government did for what you are not doing now, you need a wake-up call, my brother. You need to live up to your responsibilities.
I know your father or mother or “the system” may have stripped away your self-esteem. But Jesus Christ can give it back to you. I sometimes get into”
“a lot of trouble when I talk to African-American groups because I reject the idea of using the reality of slavery as a reason for irresponsible behavior today.
Please read me very carefully here. Slavery was bad. Slavery was horrible. It was inhuman, ungodly, and unbiblical. It did a number on my people who were oppressed. But to tell me that what happened to our forefathers then is keeping African-American men from being what God wants us to be now is just giving us an out, an excuse, for our irresponsibility. No more excuses.
Let me tell you something. When the Dallas Cowboys get into their huddle during a football game, they don’t say, “We’d better not try to move the ball, or those men on the other side of the line are going to nail us.” The whole point of the game is to run your plays and find the ones your opponent can’t stop so you can move the ball and score without getting nailed every time.
What I am saying is that you can learn from your past, but you cannot allow your past to control your present decisions. When you do that, your “life becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. “Well, I knew I was going to get nailed because of what has happened to me. But I tried, and sure enough, I got nailed.”
Too many of us are looking for an excuse to hang our fears and shortcomings on. If I weren’t in the ministry, I would be a psychiatrist because I would be free to charge people $200 an hour to tell them why they need to come back next week. They would come back too, because a lot of people want to keep blaming. You say, “My father wouldn’t work.” Well, you’d better get a job.
You say, “My father beat my mother.” Then you’d better learn some self-control. The problems in your past should become object lessons to show you where you need to be different, not excuses for you to repeat them.

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  1. Amen, amen, amen. You are so right about this. No more excuses. I came from an abusive family where my dad beat my mother, I witness some of the horror. Yes if affected us (my siblings) in a bad way, one repeated my mother, one was my father, and one refuse to be either and took a different path in life. The first two are now doing much better, they are older and learned what not to do, and went a different direction for the better.

    You can’t live in the past and expect to have a productive future, you have to let it all go. Your past should be a good lesson for your future. People need to stop telling others how they are a product of their past, and instead help them with some positive influences. They don’t realize how much harm it will do by putting their mouths on other regarding their past. Boys who grow up to be men have it a lot harder than women. They want to be so much like their fathers that they mimic what they saw when they were coming up. And when they are taught how to be a good boy, teen, or young adult, they become confused. This is why it is important for parents to set examples, and for mothers who are raising these boys to stop with the comparison. Same with the girls who will become women. They have seen what their mothers do and think it is the right way to go, which become confusing to them also. It works both ways, but with boys, they will have it hard, look at what is going on today.

    Once they know right from wrong, does that give the right to act as their father’s and mother’s did in the past? No it doesn’t. They need to stop with the excuses. With African-American’s, we need to stop laying blame on slavery. Hello, we are not in slavery. Stop blaming the white man for not being able to find a job. Jobs are out there but you have to want it and go get it. We have the same opportunity as everyone else when it comes to education and working, but we sit back on our behinds and start the blame game. Oh so working at Mickey D’s or The King is not good enough for you so you rather steel, sell drugs, and the most of all try to rap. So many of us want the big money now instead of starting small and working their way up. They want the name brands instead of the off brand until you can afford the name brand. Not realizing they are making Nike, Addidas, Jordan and other name brands richer than rich. But the ones who are buying them with illegal money will be sitting behind bars because they refuse to be legit, work and make good money. Like the saying goes, “If you can market, buy and sell the drugs, then you have very good skills in doing business”, the legal way. Oh but that to much for them. SMH. Not realizing that it’s right there on the other side of the door. Someone is knocking at the door to offer it to them, but the knock has gone unanswered. He refuses to give up, and comes back daily knocking, He is very patient, has no problem waiting; He know that one day they will open the door and realize who is on the other side ready to give them what they need. Jesus will be the one they will know that was at their door. Oh I want to shout, Praise God. Hallelujah. Our people along with others, need to know Jesus is the only one who can change them, and their way of thinking, and bless them with the right tools they need to succeed in their live. Oh Glory, Glory, Glory. Lord I thank you.

    God Bless you Tim, keep preaching.

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