Is marriage really a good idea?

Is marriage really a good idea?

“A lot of people are confused about marriage these days. In the eyes of many, the institution of marriage has become irrelevant, an archaic relic of a simpler and more naïve time. They question whether marriage is still a good idea, particularly in today’s more “liberated” and “enlightened” culture. Concepts such as honor, trust, faithfulness, and commitment seem old-fashioned and out of touch with modern society. Many people change partners as easily as they change shoes (and almost as frequently!).
This confusion over marriage should not surprise us, considering the bewildering “barrage of worldly attitudes and philosophies that hits us at every turn. Every day books, magazines, movies, and television soap operas, sitcoms, and prime-time dramas bombard us with images of wives cheating on their husbands and husbands cheating on their wives. Unmarried men and women hop into bed with each other at the drop of a hat, and just as quickly hop out again to find their next partner.
People today shop for relationships the way they shop for clothes. They “try something on for size,” and if it does not fit they simply try something else. When they find something that suits them they wear it for awhile until it fades or goes out of style. Then they throw it out or hang it up in the back of their closet and rush out to replace it. “We live in a disposable, “cast-off-and-throw-away” society that has largely lost any real sense of permanence. Ours is a world of expiration dates, limited shelf life, and planned obsolescence. Nothing is absolute. Truth exists only in the eye of the beholder and morality is the whim of the moment. In such an environment, is it any wonder that people ask, “Doesn’t anything last anymore? Isn’t there something I can depend on?”
One major symptom of a sick society is when we attach to our human relationships the same attitude of impersonal transience that we display toward the inanimate and disposable items that we use in everyday life. Marriage is the deepest and most intimate of all human relationships, yet even it is under assault. Is marriage still viable in modern society? Does it still make sense in our transitory world? Is marriage still a good idea?”

“The answer is yes. Marriage is still a good idea because it is God’s idea. He created it. He designed it. He established it and defined its parameters. Contrary to much” “contemporary thought and teaching, marriage is not a human concept. Mankind did not simply dream up marriage somewhere along the line as a convenient way of handling relationships and responsibilities between men and women or dealing with childbearing and parenting issues. Marriage is of divine origin.
“God Himself instituted and ordained marriage at the very beginning of human history. The second chapter of Genesis describes how God, taking a rib from the side of the man He had already created, fashioned from it a woman to be a “suitable helper” (Gen. 2:20) for the man. Then God brought the man and the woman together and confirmed their relationship as husband and wife, thereby ordaining the institution of marriage.

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3 comments on “Is marriage really a good idea?

  1. Having been married and now divorced, I do not think marriage is for me. Although, it may certainly be for others still. I feel there is too much pressure from society to get married as the next natural step in a relationship and it causes many to mary who otherwise wouldn’t.

  2. James, marriage is for everyone, God said man shouldn’t be alone. This is why He made woman. God has someone for you; I used to think the same thing, I have been married several times, reason being is because I wanted to be married so bad. I didn’t wait on God, I chose the person. God will send you the woman he designed for you. Will she be perfect, no, no one is, but she will be the right one for James. You have to trust Him and keep the faith. One day you will look up and she will be right there. People will tell you the best place to find a good woman, and nine times out of ten they are wrong. You may date several women, or even get hurt by some, but you keep living and move on. That is nothing but lesson you will have learned from those who you date or hurt you. Life is one big lesson, when we make mistakes, it is a lesson, and when we correct our mistakes, we will then have learned a valuable lesson from it. So don’t say marriage is not for you. You go about you daily living and God will send you your best friend who will turn out to be your future wife. Keep the faith, you will be blessed with you Queen.

  3. A lot of people don’t take marriage serious in today world. They say this is the new age thing, living together, or why do we need a piece of paper to prove our love. They are so lost. Yes they shop for marriage as if they were shopping for a car, or wearing apparel. Dating sites are just catalogs of men and women; shopping. They look at profiles and status, which for the most part, most are not true and decide who they want to meet. How can you get to know person by what you see? I hear all the time how women and men will see a persons outward appearance and want to bed them first and depending on it was if they will pursue a relationship with that person. People have gotten far away from becoming friends first, romance, and etc., it’s all based on how they look and how they make love (not called making love anymore, it’s just plain sex or booty call). Our society has changed a great deal, and I don’t care if it was future future, relationships should go back to the good old days, where men are gentlemen and women get giddy and have respect for themselves.

    I don’t care for Hollywood relationships or marriages. Since society looks at them to be role models, which they shouldn’t, they mimic what they see. Actors n Actresses jump in and out of relationships and marriage more than ever. We all sit and watch to see how long couples stay together. It seems like people don’t fight for their marriages, they just get out. I will admit I used to be guilty of that to, I didn’t have patience for stupidity and refuse to play games, but I learned from that all to well. I have always taken marriage serious, but easily got tired of the games, and couldn’t do the cheating part. Now, I am stronger and will fight for my marriage if it ever came to that, but most of all I keep God in the midst of it all. Without Him, we would fall, every time.

    There are a lot of people who don’t understand that God is to be in control of your life, in all that you do. If they had God in their marriage there wouldn’t be a lot of divorces. You just can’t be married and think you can do it all by yourselves, it won’t work out. To many games are being played, there is no trust or honesty. Some who get married are not mature enough to understand what its all about, they just want to be married, and so they rush into only to rush right out, especially teens, and teens with babies. Parents who become grandparents because of their teenagers should never tell their kids to get married because of a child. (oh I feel a new blog, lol). Let them become mature first then discuss marriage with them. Those who have been married for years and talk about divorce need to go back and think about what and how they became a couple, rekindle the fire. Sorry men, but I have to go there. Men stop looking at your wife of 20, 30 or 40 years of marriage and telling her she is old, then you go out and get someone who is 20 years your junior just so you will stay young, um you will continue to age and you cannot go back to your younger days. Beauty is not the appearance, but what’s on the inside of her. Women, ladies, the same goes for you, what can a man in his 20s do for you besides make you holler in the bedroom (sorry, had to go there). They are just graduating and trying to find themselves. You can’t have kids, and they will want them some day. You want them on your level, but they haven’t lived long enough to get to your level. COUGAR, PALEEZ. A man doesn’t mature until he is in his 30s, yes some do early, but most don’t until they are in their 30s. Again stop looking on the outside, we all age no matter what, look at what’s in his heart. If you’re not in an abusive relationship or marriage, then the both of you need to just work it out, put God in your business and he will find the solution every time.

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