Something to think about

Something to think about

“1. Who are your friends?

2. What books do you read?

3. What movies do you watch?

4. What magazines fill your shelves?

5. What are your hobbies?

6. What are your recreational activities?

7. Who feeds your musical appetites?

8. Who are your heroes?

9. Who feeds you spiritually?

10. Are the conditions of your home, school, work, or play conducive to your goals in life?”


1. God designed everything to function in a specific environment.

2. The conditions under which you function properly include:

the presence of God,

a relationship with God,

fellowship with God, and

the freedom to obey God.

3. Trust, faith, forgiveness, and obedience are necessary ingredients of your ideal environment.

4. Keep God’s word on your lips to create a positive atmosphere.

5. A wrong environment destroys potential.

6. Leave a wrong environment or change it”

Dr. Myles Monroe.

vision, purpose, destiny,


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