“Let me tell you something, my brother and Sisters in Christ. If you are not dead yet, you are not finished yet. You still have time to get in the race! You may be coming to the starting blocks with regrets over personal, family, or spiritual failure.
You may look back and say, “I’ve got a lot of stuff following me into the race. I’ve got a lot of junk from the past weighing me down as I try to run. “You may have stumbled coming out of the blocks. You may have tripped up during the race. You may even be starting the race a little late, but God can help you make up for lost time. He can help you pick up speed in the last half of the race and cover more ground in less time than the average runner.

I like Paul’s attitude. He forgot the things that were behind him. His eyes were straight ahead, focused on the prize (Philippians 3:1314). You have never seen a runner win a race looking backwards. He has to keep his eye on the goal.

As I often tell my Christian brothers, and Sisters you can’t change yesterday, but you can do a lot about what happens tomorrow. Don’t let other folk stop you from running for God. Don’t let other people distract you from seeking His approval.

Let me tell you something about God. He loves to dispense His grace. If you will come to God with your regrets and your failures, and start loving and serving Him as the driving force in your life, He has an unmistakable, amazing way of using even “failure to bring about success.

There is only one passion in life worth your total pursuit. And that is to love and serve Christ in such a way that you win the race and receive His approval. Everything must be brought under that umbrella. If you make that your commitment as a man of God, everything else will take care of itself.

Right now you may be wondering how you’re going to make the changes you need to make. Maybe you’re still debating whether it’s worth all the effort.

In either case I want to leave you with this word. Jesus Christ said, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the First and the Last, the Beginning and the End.” (Revelation 22:13)

Brother, that just about covers it all! That means Jesus Christ rules from A to Z, and everything in between. Whatever your need may be, whatever excuse may be dragging you down, if it fits between those two extremes, Jesus Christ can do something about it. So you have nothing to lose by going for the prize!”

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  1. I would go even further brother, we must fail. By that I mean that if we are to be totally dependent, we must first come to the place where we see that we need Him to do it for us. Without failures, we will never really appreciate or need his strength in our lives. Rom 11:32. Without failure there is no need for His mercy and grace which gets us through our winters, sicknesses, pain, sorrow, etc.
    Our salvation and our sanctification can only occur when we come to these realizations.
    Grace and Peace to you,

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