When a crisis hits you, it is too late to wonder if you are ready or not.

When a crisis hits you, it is too late to wonder if you are ready or not.

“You will soon find out. And yet, regardless of whether or not you turn out to be prepared for going through a difficult time, the crisis will teach you new things.
If you have been growing and maturing as a citizen of the Kingdom of God for a while, you may be pleasantly surprised. Of course, the crisis itself will not be pleasant. But your Kingdom-style reactions to it may demonstrate that you have been learning “your management lessons well. You may discover that, instead of fear and panic, you have peace in your heart. Instead of gasping for breath and grasping at straws, you may find that you are able trust God utterly, just as you have always wanted to be able to do. You may have moments of meltdown, but for the most part, you will react in a clear-headed and clear-hearted way, and you will be able to help your family and friends to do the same.
If this is you, the crisis situation will give you a review lesson. Your priorities will be put under a microscope. Have you been managing your affairs well but placing a little too much of your security in your income level? Now is the time to repent of trusting in money and realign yourself with your God, who is your Provider. Have you been faithfully attending church and tithing, but putting more trust in your pastor or in the institution of the church than in God Himself? Your crisis situation will expose the foundations under your feet. “God will use it to help you grow.
If, on the other hand, you have been lax in your walk with the Lord, taking Him for granted and just living a life that looks more or less like the lives of the people around you, a crisis will wake you up with a bang. God wants to get your attention. He cares about you too much to allow you to waste your life. He wants to give you a crash course in management skills and a review of the lessons you have learned up to this point.
The very nature of a crisis will force you to learn things the hard way. You will wish that somebody would come and tell you what steps to take because your brain won’t be working too well, especially when you get caught up in fear or anger.

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