It’s difficult when we are going through something painful to see the light at the end.  The pain aches,  like salt  on an open  wound.  All we can see is that job we lost, the loved one who passed, the bills we can’t pay, the people we can’t change, the hurts we’ve endured, the heartache…

When the rain is falling in torrents, and the sky is black above…it’s difficult to see the ending of the storm.  It’s difficult to see the rays of sunlight beaming out behind the clouds of disappointment. 

But I have good news for you!  There is sunlight behind our clouds, and the edge of the storm may seem far away, but it’s closer than you think.  God is there, and we don’t always understand what His reasons are because He says that His ways and our ways are nothing alike. 

Isaiah 55:8-9, For My thoughts

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