What grieves the Holy Spirit more than anything else is to see a born-again, Spirit-filled believer continuing to live the low life. How does this happen? They are still making choices based upon their physical senses and natural thinking. Their perception is still based upon their carnal thoughts and physical senses instead of God’s Word and the teaching of the Holy Spirit.
When a believer’s mind is not being continually renewed with God’s Word, their perception is not based on a belief system that is consistent with Scripture. Their perception is based upon what the devil, the world, and their flesh has told them. Therefore, their choices are going to tend to be unscriptural and “ungodly. Their lives will not reflect the light of Jesus Christ. In fact, you might wonder if they are really saved.
Like the children of Israel who saw themselves as grasshoppers instead of more than conquerors, believers whose minds are not renewed will see themselves as sinners saved by grace, barely getting by, instead of winners in Christ Jesus. The children of Israel chose the low life because they were judging their situation according to their physical senses and carnal thinking. If they had seen their situation through the eyes of God and His Word, like Joshua and Caleb, they would have chosen the high life. They would have entered the Promised Land, defeated the giants, shouted till every wall fell down flat, and then enjoyed the luxuries and benefits God had provided for them.
It doesn’t matter what you are going through in life, you will always be given two reports. One will be evil. It will be based upon human perception and reasoning. The other will be good, and it will be based upon Heaven’s perception, which is given in the Word and by the Spirit of God. You will choose to believe the evil report or“the good report, and the quality and impact of your life will be determined by which report you choose to believe.

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