“God Designed You To Be a Success Story

“God Designed You To Be a Success Story

My frame was not hidden from You when I was made in the secret place… (Psalm 139:15).”

“King David doesn’t describe your mother in Psalm 139—she may have been an old alcoholic or a drug addict, a bastard or a prostitute. He is concerned with you. He describes how God knit you together in your mother’s womb without describing what that womb was like. The womb in which you were knit together is no longer important. You are important. Your very existence means God wants you to exist. You are somebody special simply because you were born.
God saw you in your mother’s womb when you were a tiny baby—a one-centimeter embryo. He looked into the secret place in your mother’s womb and saw you. From the second your father’s sperm and your mother’s egg joined to form a child, God tenderly created you and watched you grow. God “never would have allowed the sperm and the egg to come together if He had not planned for you to be born.
Although some parents feel their baby is a mistake, their thoughts are not true. God planned for that baby to be born. The manner in which the child was conceived may not have been in God’s plan, but the child himself is surely part of God’s plan.
Those of you who were brought up in a nice family with a mother and a father who love you may not understand those who have been put down by their family since the day of their birth. You may not understand how important it is for them to know that they are not mistakes. Be patient with them. Help them to see that God designed them long before they were born! Every child who comes into this world comes as a setup from God. That little boy or girl doesn’t need to arrive to see what is going to happen, because the happening was already set up before he or she came.

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