“Never underestimate the power of One-self.”

Before you cast your vote on November 6 please read my post

“Every week the media tells us about an election process somewhere as nations seek leaders who will better people’s lives. Often this process produces a cadre of leaders on every continent, who continues to disappoint the voters and their communities with defective character, abuse of power, corruption, and a bankruptcy of ideas to address known problems. So the search for true leaders goes on. For example, every four years in the United States, two dozen presidential hopefuls begin the “political season” by declaring their candidacies for the highest elected office in the nation. That season has become longer and longer and the process more grueling with countless caucuses, primaries, campaign stops, and debates with scandals and meaningless backbiting along the way. Increasingly, it seems that no matter how many people run for this office, the citizens find it hard to name one worthy of their vote.
The United States is not alone in this problem. A void of leadership exists all over the world in both industrialized and developing nations. People wonder where they can find strong leaders they can” “trust.
Our government, military, businesses, schools, and churches need effective leaders who have the people’s best interests at heart.
You must be one of those leaders, and you are now. In the darkest moments of despair, we have always looked to our leaders to take us through tough times. These include such biblical heroes as Moses, Joshua, Nehemiah, Esther, Deborah, David, and Daniel, and even such historic legends as Teddy Roosevelt, John F. Kennedy, and Sir Winston Churchill, who stirred a generation to believe that it could emerge from the Second World War. We had Martin Luther King Jr., Mahatma Gandhi, and Nelson Mandela to sound contemporary alarms for freedom and civil liberty.
Having visionary leaders— competent leadership, skillful leadership, and principal centered–leadership— is imperative. Most importantly, leadership today cannot look merely to human wisdom or intellect, to meet the challenges of our day. We need leadership. We need leadership that can tap into another world and into some other wisdom and some other solutions that we cannot invent on earth.
I believe that every need in the world would be met if everybody discovered and maximized the leadership potential within. Every human being was born to contribute “to his or her generation. No one was given life to take up space. If everyone were to discover his or her own value, balanced by the understanding that everyone else has a contribution to make, all the needs in the world would be met.
It is my belief that every human need is a result of someone else not leading or not serving a gift to the world.
Everything rises and falls on leadership. So go the leaders, so goes the nation. So go the leaders, so goes the family. So go the leaders, so go our communities. If all of us serve our gifts to the world, we can improve our lives and others’ lives. If all the parts work together, then humanity will run like a beautiful auto.
If we all become the leaders we were meant to be, we could solve many of the world’s problems. But most people have not discovered who they are, what it is they have and how to serve it to the” “world. Servant leadership is a philosophy of leadership with a basic message:” So before you cast your vote look in yourself and look at all the issues and Then you can make a clear decision about how you want your future to go God bless everyone and God bless the United States of America. This is the only time you will Ever hear me talk about the presidential election thank you for reading my post.

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