What we need is some “blue-collar” Christianity, some “roll up your sleeves” kind of faith among the men of God. I’m talking about men who decide it’s time for a new vision. It’s time to dream a new dream.

Now some of us fathers have not been all that we should be. But the good news is that God can take lemons and make lemonade. He can hit a bull’s-eye with a crooked arrow. Maybe you can’t fix what went wrong yesterday, but you can do a lot about what happens today!

Getting a vision may mean you start turning off the television thirty minutes earlier and spend time on your knees with your wife and family. It may mean sitting down with the family one Sunday” “afternoon, opening Psalm 128, and asking, “How are we going to implement this in our home?”

As the father, you need to be in control of your family’s future. Satan is going to try to thwart and discourage you. Maybe the kids won’t cooperate at first. Your wife may wonder what’s happened to you for a while. You may feel like there’s no use trying.

But once you decide that you and your family are going to be guided by a God-given vision, the Lord will honor your leadership because you are His representative. May God bless and help you as you develop a vision for your home.”

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