Driving on a spare donut tire and a prayer

Driving on a spare donut tire in a prayer

How is all of my fellow WordPress bloggers doing today?I don’t know how your weekend has went but I had a pretty interesting weekend, all I can say is God is good all the time and all the time God is good, we had a chance to go to Muskogee Oklahoma this weekend to visit some of our friends we’ve had a very good time in Muskogee Oklahoma celebrating our friends anniversary, on the way back this morning everything was going good we had breakfast we prayed always before we get on the highway but it’s amazing how things turn so quick, that’s why its very important to stay prayed up, on the way back from Oklahoma we’ve made it all the way to Joplin Missouri there was road construction going on on 44 E. going through the construction site we hit a hole in the road blew out the back tire all we had was a donut tire so we put the doughnut tire on come to find out the doughnut was flat as we move slowly on the highway to find a station to put Air in the tire the Sterring wheel start smoking we finally got to a station to get some air we decided we are going to Walmart to buy a tire we arrived at Walmart come to find out they don’t have the tire we need the Steering wheel stop smoking when I cut the four way off so at this time we had to make a decision so we made a decision to pray and just believe God that we would make it home safely on a doughnut tire so we drove from Joplin Missouri all away to Kansas City Missouri hundred and 56 miles on a doughnut tire and a prayer thank God we made it home it’s funny now but it wasn’t funny then but I thank God that prayers do work this was so interesting I just had to blog about it, i hope your weekend is going good hope you had a wonderful day at church God bless.

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