The Experts Cannot Help Part two

The Experts Cannot Help Part two
“The Blame Game

The prevailing tendency is to blame somebody or something. “Whose fault is it? Let’s go get ’em.” But that does not help, does it? Anyway, there is really no one person or event to blame. When you get laid off from your job, you want to blame the management or the company. You want to counterattack and hold someone responsible for your dilemma. I tell you, do not waste your energy on that, especially these days. The whole world is in a crisis, and you just happened to have gotten knocked off your horse too.
When the United States Congress asked a spokesman for the Federal Reserve what caused this meltdown, his answer contained a very biblical word: greed. He said that when the people in charge become greedy, they plant the seeds for the collapse of the very economic system they think they can use to their advantage.
What is greed? Greed is the mismanagement of resources for personal benefit, coupled with a disregard for the benefit of others. Greed is when you want more than you need at the expense of everybody else. Greed means I know I need only one pillow, but I[…]”
“week away from families who usually have no other place to go. Some of them will end up living in their cars. At this writing, it is estimated that by the end of 2009, over 2 million homes will have been lost. Just a handful of greedy people have caused a tidal wave of grief for others.
Greed walks hand-in-hand with partners such as malice, deceit, theft, envy, evil thoughts, lewdness, adultery, slander, arrogance, murder, and all kinds of folly (see Mark 7:21-22). The reason these evils travel together is because all of them originate in the sinful hearts of human beings. In many ways, they represent aspects of greed. Theft is greed for things that are perceived as valuable to the thief. Envy and slander represent a greed for reputation. Lewdness and adultery are forms of sexual greed. Arrogance and murder amount to greed for power and vengeance.”

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