“The Experts Cannot Help Part one

“The Experts Cannot Help Part one

This fast-spreading economic disease called “recession” may be causing many of our personal crises—or adding to the crises we already have. Some commentators, early in the financial crisis of the fall of 2008, began to use the more frightening word: depression. Very often, an economic depression causes personal depression. One crisis piles on top of another.
The systems of the world’s kingdoms are collapsing. The world is filled with fear. Powerful people are wringing their hands. The leaders do not know what to do. They are, as I heard Mr. Gordon Brown, the prime minister of Great Britain (and an economic specialist) say, “experimenting.” A lot of decisions are being based on theories rather than experience. We do not know yet if the experiments will work. Nobody has faced this exact kind of a crisis situation before.
The world economic system is spinning out of control. Powerful people are powerless to stop the breakdown. The relatively manageable problems of the recent past now make those times look like “the good” “old days.” Now it is too late to go back to them.”

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