Halloween is it right or is it wrong?

Halloween is it right or is it wrong?

How is everyone doing, I like to ask a questions and I am not asking this to raise any doubts or two dampen anyone’s celebration of Halloween, but as a Christian how do you feel about Christian’s taken part in hollowing celebration ?there is no right or wrong answers I’m just looking for your opinions, And by this time tomorrow I will give you my thoughts from a Christian standpoint or point of view on this subject.

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11 comments on “Halloween is it right or is it wrong?

  1. I feel that Halloween is Satanic. I feel that Satan, the father of lies, loves to make it seem innocent and fun, and for those who stand against it, to cause them to seem ludicrous, overbearing, and like bad parents robbing their children of their childhood. This is all a complete lie. Halloween is the celebration of death, and of Satan, commercialized to seem fun, playful, and childish. Satan loves to get to our children first, because they are young and impressionable. Halloween is the epitome of evil, and very hellish. I can’t see Jesus partaking in such a thing, and if He wouldn’t do it, we should not do it…we are going to answer to God for everything…inluding the things we turned a deaf ear to, choosing to remain ignorant for the sake of ‘what people might think,’ or hurting our children’s feelings. We could make our own little thing up on Halloween and call it, “The enemy is under our feet!” day. We could buy candy and hide it throughout the house, or wherever, and have a nice Thanksgiving type of a dinner, before sitting down together as a family and reading/sharing Bible stories together. God’s people can take Satan’s holidays away anytime. We’re doing more harm to our children by allowing them to honor and commemorate Satan on this day then we are by NOT letting them do it, and teaching them why.

    • I totally agree When I was coming up as a little boy I thought this time of the year was so neat But my mom and dad always told me the difference between what was evil and what was not Even though my heart was crushed I came to an understanding for myself how evil this was as I grew a come to the knowledge of God’s word I come to realize that the Trickery that the devil was trying to play in the minds of the people There are churches and Christian organizations all across the world that promotes and participate in this particular Halloween celebration the devil is out to destroy the church, and people need to open up their eyes and realize the devil is out to destroy them This is a subtotal spirit that’s trying to In prison the children of this world to keep them from realizing that they can be all that God created them to be I really like your comments it is very powerful thank you so much

      • Are you referring to ‘trick or trunk?’ I feel this is no different. It’s only safer because you know the people giving your kids the candy..it’s still celebrating Halloween. I feel we ought to take a peice of wood of some sort..a block of it..like a shelf from an old entertainment unit or something..spray paint it black so the white letters show..buy a white marker or paint and write, “As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord!” and put it in our front yard with a cross decoration (representing eternal life). Most of my neighbor’s yards wreak of death..skeletons, coffins, skeletons hanging from nuises…why not make life stand out amidst the death? Rebel against the kingdom of hell! If my house gets TP’d..oh well..I can say I suffered for Christ! We as Christians need to make our own celebration on that dark holiday..like I said. Make it stand for God instead of death and hell.

      • You are right on both parts Hollow Wayne trick-or-treat the whole day that it represents to me is evil and demonic Sometimes I feel that people take it for granted what it represents or being involved in any part of it

      • Amen. The enemy is professioned, and has thousands of years experience, in making bad things seem innocent–Disney, Nickelodian, school activities, etc. You name it. He’s a master deceiver!

  2. Also, I look at it another way. Satan has maliciously stolen Christmas with the whole Santa (change the two letters and you have Satan..go figure), and reindeer stuff…as well as all of the pagan symbolism..the balls and trees… This is a most Holy Holiday in which we celebrate Jesus Christ and His birth..yet it is acceptible to lie to our children and tell them it’s Santa who is going to come down the chimney and leave presents. If we don’t tell our kids this, we are mean and stealing the joy and magic of Christmas from them. well, i’m not stealing the joy, but I will most definitely steal the ‘magic’ because magic is witchcraft..and there is no magic…there’s only Holy Spirit stuff going on because that’s the day we took from the Pagans to celebrate the birth of our Jesus on! Amen?

    • This is very true, very powerful and loss of people need to hear the truth about what the enemies try to do, i think people get carried away with all the gifts and celebrating that they forget about the real day what it really means it’s all about Jesus Christ and who we are in him

      • As you know, the highest suicide rates happen at Christmas time. There is pressure to buy gifts and to receive gifts and to be with family and friends and to be full of cheer. Christmas should be a time for revival! When the lonely and depressed come to Jesus, when people are healed of sickness, and and finances are blessed! But Christmas has become a more selfish holiday…focused on money and all of the wrong things. It is very, very sad.

  3. I’m a bit conflicted on this subject. On the one hand, I was raised to believe that Halloween is Satanic. On the other, I remember the pain of being about the only kid in town sitting in a dark house, not allowed to go out and gather candy. At that age, I didn’t understand the history or the significance of the holiday; it was just something fun that my friends got to do. Now that I have my own child, I’ve decided I’m not going to keep him locked in a dark house while everyone else gets candy. I let him dress up as animals or Sesame street characters–nothing scary. I also don’t decorate my house. But I do take my son trick-or-treating and leave out candy for my neighbors’ kids. Later on, when my child is older, I’ll revisit the issue of whether or not we should “celebrate.” That said, I’m generally pretty conservative on holiday celebrations in general. I absolutely hate what commercialism has done to Christmas and Easter. No Black Friday shopping or Santa Claus for my family.

  4. I view Halloween as a basically Christian holiday. It is the Eve of All Hallows, or All Saints Day. Many Christians honor those who preceded them in death on All Saints Day. While the holiday has become a day of fun for children of all ages, most people appear to forget the significance of Halloween. The God I know wants His people to enjoy life as long as it does not involve the rotting of teeth on too much candy. However, taking the scarey aspect of Halloween to the extreme may not be healthy for some people.

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