History reveals the truth that any people who are robbed by oppression, suppression, depression, and subjugation of the opportunity to activate, release, and maximize their potential suffer from the loss of generational thinking. Their oppression forces them to think in terms of self-preservation and personal security with little thought for posterity and the future. This mentality pervades many Third World nations today, manifesting itself in an attitude and a lifestyle that encourages immediate gratification at the expense of the future. This mind-set ultimately leads to fear, distrust, suspicion, and resentment among members of the same ethnic community.
This lack of generational consciousness traps individuals in a cycle of self-maintenance and retards creativity, inspiration, and innovation. Consequently, the release of the tremendous abilities that lie within every individual is forfeited. Third World people everywhere must be delivered from this mentality. It is essential that they understand the responsibility they have to their children and their children’s children. Until a man can see beyond his own loins, the future is in danger.
The essence of potential is not preservation but liberation. Although we cannot change the past, we have the potential to chart our destiny and arrange a better future for our children. The opportunity to blame others for the past is often before us; but we can never transfer responsibility for the future to others. You and I have been given by God all that we need to fulfill His purpose for our lives. We possess the ability to impact our homes, our communities, our cities, our nations, and perhaps the world if we dare to challenge ourselves and place demands on the vast wealth of potential buried deep within us.
Decide today to do something with your dreams. Disappoint procrastination and commit yourself to releasing your potential. Stop wishing and start willing. Stop proposing and start purposing. Stop procrastinating and start planning. Determine to die empty and leave the earth an inheritance that gives life to others. Remember, few things are impossible to diligence and skill. Great works are performed by perseverance. 1. The fact that you were born is evidence that you possess something that can benefit the world. 2. God gave you potential for the blessing of future generations. 3. The greatest need of ability is responsibility.
4. God places demands on your potential by giving your ability responsibility. 5. Fulfillment is directly related to the successful completion of a task. 6. God has given you everything you need to fulfill His purpose for your life.

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  1. I like the discussion. I believe a lot of the things you say. I am not sure why people can’t rise to their full potential even though the environment does not support that behavior. Babies that come into the world have the same plight as those who have been around for a while. We know it takes teamwork so why do oppressed people not come together at some point. What causes people to wake up. I can only assume it takes generations for people to rise and that each generation builds on the other when the conditions are right.

  2. I was born in Ukraine (the 3rd world country as most consider). Lived there for 25 years. God blessed me with the opportunity to get my Master’s degree in the U.S. It took me 2 years. Now I’ve graduated and returned home. You have no idea how often I think why we are this way, so backwards? I remember 2004, the Orange Revolution if you remember the news. People gathered together to fight for a change, marched and lifted their voices. Later, the inspiring leaders delivered a great disappointment to the nation, and we all seemed to sink in hopelessness and depression. Now we don’t believe that fighting against the oppression would work. Also, the majority of people have no idea HOW oppressed they are. Without traveling abroad, we can’t know how bad things are here. Ukraine also has a very unique challenge – 70 years of atheism in the Soviet Union. It killed the soul of the nation, and yet we are considered a Christian nation! There is nothing sadder in the world than the whole nation of dead people who think they are alive! You have no idea how far our Christian churches from Christ! We are ‘cultural’ Christians. We need missionaries in Ukraine! Don’t be fooled with the fact that we have so many fancy churches and cathedrals – inside they are dead! I know! Because as I came to accept Christ in the U.S., I finally realized the difference! My heart broke once when I visited one Christian Orthodox church in the U.S. I questioned why additionally to all the hardships, Ukraine has dead religion instead of faith. So I wrote this poem http://talithakumblog.wordpress.com/2012/10/19/35/#respond

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