What do you do when life hits you on the blind side?

What do you do when life hits you on the blind side?

What do you do when life hits you on the blind side? How do you react when the unexpected happens? Imagine what you would think if your newly married spouse dies. Your father takes his life. Your mother turns out not to be your biological mother of 30 years. Your sister is a prostitute. Your father reveals his secret homosexual lifestyle. Your new house burns down. Your healthy child suddenly dies, or your first pregnancy ends in stillbirth. Your total life’s savings and investment in a company or institution is lost. Your family members die in a plane crash leaving infants to care for. How do you ever explain or understand these tragedies?
There are questions in life we can never answer. Some people insist on knowing the answers to everything. They assume that no area of knowledge is beyond human understanding. Consequently, when something stumps them, they become depressed. Our insatiable pursuit of knowledge and understanding is perfectly natural—to a point. After all, our Creator designed us to be curious about ourselves and the world we live in. The key is to keep everything in proper perspective. Part of that perspective is acknowledging that there are some things we simply will never understand.
People sometimes ask me why I never seem to be depressed or frustrated. One reason is because I realized 30 years ago that there are some questions I will never be able to answer. I search out whatever answers I can, accept the fact that some things elude me (and probably always will), and move on. There are some questions we will never be able to answer. Acknowledging this truth makes life so much easier.
There are things in life we can never explain. Some things we see or experience in life defy rational explanation. Just accept them. You will enjoy life more. Psychiatric wards are full of people who cracked under the strain of trying to explain the unexplain unexplainable. Settle in your mind now that there are some things you will never be able to explain. Otherwise, you will be depressed all the time.

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3 comments on “What do you do when life hits you on the blind side?

  1. No matter how many times I explain that some things are unexplainable, people still ask me why. I finally decided to tell them that they would understand one day, but for now, God just wants them to trust that there is a plan and a purpose. This seems to help some.

    • Sometimes people will not understand, some things people will experience themselves the main thing is we put our trust in the Lord Knowing that God has everything under his control we must learn just to trust God this is the prayer that I pray for people who really don’t understand or can’t explain why things are happening I used to be in the same position myself

  2. Because I am asked to explain these same circumstances to family, over and over again, I decided to give this answer, “You may not understand today, but in time, God will make it plain to you. He wants you to trust Him. Sometimes, it is a test. Other times, it is to point your life in a different direction.” It seems to help.

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