There is comfort in the mist of a storm:

There is comfort in the mist of a storm:

Looking at how Storm develop, Some storms you can see from a distance, Some storms develop as you move along the road, And some storms hit in the middle of the night with no warning at all, And some storms or miss calculated it just happens, No one can really prepare or estimate how strong are how week a storm will be, But we know as long as we leave storms will come. No one can ever be prepared wind the storms of life hit unexpectedly, No one is ever prepared when a child is taken from, in front of their homes or out of there beds at night no one can prepare you for what the doctor report gives you the doctor tells you you only have three months to live, Or a baby is stillborn, No one can prepare you for when your job Lay you off, or fired you for someone else’s mistakes, How can you cope with life when
life deals you such a dirty hand, What do you do when your husband or your wife leaves you for someone else and you never expected, This is just some of the things of the many things that we go through every day, One of the most important things I’ve learned in life is to have a good support system around you Someone that’s going to support you even when you can’t support yourself we all have many storms in our lives every day when you can have a good support system around you, people that will listen and will not tear you down people that will support you and not bring judgment on you And the most important thing I can think of is to make sure that your faith is strong, God will support you and give you strength and time of weakness no one has ever been in your shoes you are the only one that knows the debt and the measure of the storms that you have come through there or many things that we are going to go through but let me tell you that life
Is worth living, You have a purpose, you have a destiny, and you have dreams, don’t let the storms in life robbed you of the gift that God has given you.

vision, purpose, destiny,


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