Politics: making the right decision

Politics: making the right decision

This is a very interesting political year for Democrats and Republicans and independents I like, we are all looking to see and to make the right decisions, this time of the year is very hard to cipher through all of the hoopla and make a good decision based off of the information we are receiving, there is so much negative campaigning going on between both parties it is very hard to see who’s telling the truth, My suggestion is to do your own check, All of this is public record, if You are like me I love politics I love a good debate and I love going back Through history, History shows us how far we have come but it also shows us how Divided we are as a political party But I also have confidence in our political system I think it is a very good system that has been put in place I don’t know what the outcome may be but I know the American people will put in place the president they vote for, but the main thing is make sure you get out and vote I will be blogging about this all the way up until November talk to you soon

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