Many dreams die because they are

Many dreams die because they are
shared with the wrong people.

Remember, others do not see what you see. They cannot completely understand the vision God has given you. Protect your potential by choosing carefully those with whom you share your dreams and aspirations, and by maintaining an environment in which your potential can be fulfilled. To maximize your life you must manage your environment and the quality of the people and resources that influence you. Your greatest responsibility is to yourself, not others.

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5 comments on “Many dreams die because they are

  1. That is true, you do have to be careful who you discuss your dreams, goals or any part of your life. Not everyone is a skeptic of what others do, they will encourage you to move forward, and offer whatever help they can. Then there are those who will smile, listen, and judge you, they will try and talk you out of doing what it is you want to do, because that’s what they want to do or just plain jealous because they are not where they want to be with their dreams and goals. This is why you should only be around positive people who you know will understand how serious you are, and you only need a few, the less the better. So keep dreaming and pressing forward.

  2. Thank you for visiting my blog. You post is concise and to the point. You used your words carefully and made a big impact. I look forward to reading your other posts. Keep up the good work.

  3. Hey, thanks for following me. God bless you! I’ve just looked around through your posts and you have some good stuff too! Glad you found me so in turn, I could find you!

  4. Great post on sharing dreams. I think many people fail in life and in marriage because they rush into things before finding the right person to share the dream God has for them. God bless.

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