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MWBI is a free online Bible college that seeks to provide students with a thorough and comprehensive Christian education and the opportunity to develop a strong commitment and devotion to the Lord. Therefore, MWBI’s programs emphasize spiritual growth. Students are always encouraged to begin and end their day with personal devotion and meditation. This allows them to see their spiritual growth, as well as instills in them a commitment to personal accountability. Midwestern Bible Institute will begin fall classes for more information regarding enrollment go to http://www.midwesternbi.net enroll today God bless

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In Philippians 4:13 Paul says,
I can do everything through Him who gives me strength.
You cannot do all things. You can only do all things through Christ, who gives you the ability. Even though you may shout to everybody, “I can do all things,” God is asking you, “Are you with Christ?” Because if you’re not, your plans, dreams, and imaginations will amount to nothing. Without Christ your efforts are futile and the result is frustration.
Romans 8:31 gives me great encouragement: “If God is for us, who can be against us?” Now the word for is really the Greek word with. So let’s put it this way: “If God is with me, who can be against me?” The implication is that if God has given you something to do and He is with you, nothing or no one is going to stop you from accomplishing what God wants you to do. I don’t care who the person is or how much influence he has, if God is with you, it’s not important who is coming against you.
If you are going to release your potential, you must live each day checking out who’s with you instead of who’s against you. You may be experiencing political victimization, pressure from your boss or your spouse or your parents, or unfair treatment from your family or your employer, but these influences are not the most important factors in your life. You can spend the rest of your life fighting the many people and circumstances that come against you, or you can focus on God’s presence and treat them as a temporary inconvenience. If God is with you, those who accuse or harass you have no power over you.
This week can be a good one because your protection relies not on how much power your accusers have but on how much power Christ has. Jesus promises you peace and victory if you rely on His strength:
In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world (John 16:33).
God is your Source. Without a relationship with God through His Son Jesus, you will forfeit your potential. If you haven’t received Jesus as your Lord and Savior, I invite you to pray the following prayer with me in faith:

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The Breakdown of Society

The Breakdown of Society

The Breakdown of Society

When you see a culture thats deteriorating look closer and you will probably see a people of God who have withdrawn from the culture and turned it over to the unrighteous to rule. Consider: when Christians began abandoning inner-city and urban neighborhoos, taking their skills, resources, and moral influences with them those neighborhoods deteriorated.

When Christians left the public school system, moral values were systematically erased until they became almost illegal to teach. When Christians vacated the media, then a spiritual approach to defining everything we hold dear went with them. When Christians decided they ought to get out of politics then righteous political decisions left with them. These realities are magnified in minority communities one of the beauties of integration is that minorities won the right to live anywhere they want, but one downside has been that much of the expertise and moral consciousness of the minority community left the inner city leaving behind an absence of the models who are desperately needed to give a community vision and stability. God’s people have been called to penetrate society. Don’t get me wrong, evangelism is always first because without forgiveness of sins, anything else we give a person is temporary. We have been called first and foremost to win people to Christ. But having given a person Christ for eternity , we must also give him Christ in history. We must give him hope in time. The absence of righteousness in our culture has everything to do with the absence of God’s people penetrating th culture. When there is no yeast the bread stays flat, and when there is no Christian influence the culture stays flat.

taken from the best selling book, “Are Christians Destroying America” by Pastor Tony Evans

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The importance of Submission

The importance of Submission

Verses 22-24 of Ephesians 5 explain the doctrine of submission. Now this is a bad word to many women, because it has been defined so badly or used inappropriately to oppress or subjugate women. Most women hear the word submission and think, Oh, no, not that. The dreaded “s” word. But submission is a biblical concept. Jesus submitted Himself to the will of the Father, so we know right off that submission has nothing to do with inferiority. Jesus is equal to God the Father (see Phil. 2:6); He is “very God of very God,” as the theologians say. So submission doesn’t have to do with the wife being less than the husband. Submission has to do with accomplishing a divine agenda. Jesus submitted to the Father in order to accomplish the divine plan in our salvation. Husbands and wives are equal heirs of God’s grace (see 1 Pet. 3:7). A wife is of the same value as her husband. Submission doesn’t mean she has to be a doormat or any such thing. Any woman is equal to any man in value before God and man. But when it comes to His kingdom agenda a wife’s submission is absolutely necessary. It means that she recognizes his position as head of the home to accomplish God’s agenda in the world. Thus marriage, like the trinity, is a hierarchical partnership. While all parties are equal in value, essence, and significance, there is a distinction in function (hierarchy) in order to fulfill God’s kingdom in history. This issue of submission hits right at the heart of what it means to be a Christian. Therefore, a wife who does not submit to her husband is not submitted to God. She can do all the spiritual stuff, but if she is not reverencing her husband as her head, she is living in carnality. I realize this may not be a popular message today, but God did not call me to be popular. I want to encourage and affirm Christian couples as they seek to carry out God’s agenda. But before we can get this thing right, we need to be honest about the problems we face. What I’m about is helping you and me face ourselves honestly in the light of God’s Word.

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