overcoming the past

overcoming the past

The first step to overcoming the past is realizing that no matter what others do to you, if the Lord is with you, you can still get somewhere. So your assignment is to stay with the Lord. Joseph was rejected by his family, but he was accepted by the Lord. Even though he was mistreated, he didn’t turn against Regardless of what happened yesterday, if you will stick with the Lord today, your yesterday doesn’t have to control your tomorrow. If you are still thinking about the people who caused your problem, you are focusing on the wrong thing. You need to focus on Someone who is there to help you. If you will walk with the Lord, He can do the same for you. All Joseph did was allow God to use him. The problem with the past is that it can become a dictator that rules you today. The only way to overcome that is to change dictators—to allow the Lord to dictate your life today.
There are things from the past that you may not be able to fix. You may never be able to get your parents to accept you, your brothers and sisters to talk to you, or your boss to atone for previous injustices. But with the Lord in your present, He can always make something happen. I want to encourage you with that reminder if you’re a husband and father who can look back and see bad decisions that messed up your family. You may not, by your own effort, be able to fix what is broken. You can’t raise your children over again. But if you will start walking with God now, He can make up some of those lost days and years and opportunities. He can fix what you can’t even touch anymore because it’s behind you.

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