What is the Bible’s definition of a real man? What is God’s idea of a real man? How does God define maleness? If God were to draw a picture of a real man, what would he look like? Would he be bulging with muscles because he works out at the health club five days a week? Most of us better hope not, because most of our bulges aren’t muscles!
Is a real man somebody who can get girls pregnant? No, my dog lives like that. Is a real man someone who slaps his wife and shows her who’s boss? Obviously, we know the answer to that. We know what a real man isn’t, but what is he? And where is he? We’d better be finding him fast, because we have another growing problem in the church, particularly in a minority-led church. This is the problem of a generation of very godly women with no men to marry who have the spiritual qualities they are looking for. First of all, a real man is one who has a spiritual legacy to leave behind. This is a man who cultivates and develops a spiritual foundation in his life so that he can leave behind a spiritual legacy. Look at verses 1-5 of Job 29: If you don’t have a history with God, if you can’t see the footsteps of grace in your life, then a slice of your life is missing. If God didn’t do anything in your yesterday, you won’t have what you need to hang on to in your today so that you can make it to your tomorrow. And you won’t have a spiritual legacy to pass on to your children. In other words, you have to prove yourself. You can’t just say that because of your physical size, chronological age, and overactive libido, you are now a man. Perhaps we need some kind of initiation rite that our boys go through so they can earn their manhood and earn respect. Job earned respect because when he showed up, a higher standard entered the scene. A third trait of a real man is that he is a person of mercy and justice. Job says in 29:12-16: A real man hurts with people who hurt. A real man helps people who need help. A real man isn’t cold and hard and insensitive and calloused. A real man is like Jesus; he weeps if he needs to. Job was a successful businessman, but he was compassionate.
I like that last phrase in the New American Standard Bible (“I investigated the case which I did not know”). Job got the facts of the
case. No, every problem isn’t racism or classism or culturalism. A real man is a man of justice who doesn’t allow people to threaten him because they bait him or use other illegitimate means to make their point. Sometimes charges like racism can be legitimate. But then, that’s part of getting the facts. The Bible says only a fool speaks before he hears the whole matter. Job blended justice and mercy, and so must we.

Sent from Prophet Timothy v Shockley Sr


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