“I can’t help it.

“I can’t help it.
I’m just not very strong when it comes to
resisting temptation.”

Do you remember an old B-grade movie called The Blob? As I recall, a meteor came hurtling in from outer space, crashed to earth in a wooded area, and split open. As it lay there glowing, a man came up to it and poked it with a stick. Suddenly and violently, this cosmic goo slithered up the stick and onto the man’s arm.
The man began screaming and running, doing all kinds of things to try and get this glue-like substance off his body. But as we watched, the blob began to consume him. The harder he worked to shake off the blob, the more completely he was consumed until finally, he was gone. This blob-like creature had devoured him.
As the movie went on, the blob got bigger and bigger by consuming everything in its path. Pretty soon, it was eating everyone in town. People were running around screaming because the blob was taking over.
When I think about temptation, I am reminded of The Blob. Like the blob, temptation is pervasive. It didn’t matter whether the people in the movie wanted to deal with the blob. It was there, and it was coming for them. Their only choice was to run or get blobbed.
That’s the way it is with temptation. If you’re a man and you’re alive, you’re on the list. It’s that simple. Temptation will find you.
Now, the blob started off small. It was just an interesting-looking lump of glowing goo. The man who poked at it with a stick didn’t really feel threatened at that point. He was just curious to see what it was.
Temptation usually starts in a small way too. It’s in just one little area. We reach out to touch it and get a little bit of it on us. But when we try to shake it off, we find out it’s sticky. No matter what we do, it doesn’t let go. In fact, it starts moving up our arms, eating away at us until it consumes us.
When this process goes beyond a certain point, the temptation becomes an addiction. We’re all aware of the more obvious addictions to things like drugs, tobacco, and alcohol—or the various sexual addictions. But a lot of addictions are not so obvious. A man may not be immoral in his actions, but if we could peer into his mind, we might be very surprised at what we see. In fact, some of us do with our minds what most people would never do with their bodies, because we become addictive in our way of thinking.
Now, addiction is at the far end of the scale. It’s what happens when temptation is allowed to wander out of control, like the blob. An addiction is something that has gained such complete mastery over us that our ability to resist has been all but destroyed. Like the blob, this thing is consuming us and perhaps even rubbing off us and destroying other people around us as well.
Obviously, not every man is addicted. But temptation is a fact of life for all of us, Christians as much as unbelievers. The difference is that if you are a son of God, you have supernatural power available to you to say no to temptation and to live a life that pleases our Creator.
A nonbeliever may whimper and roll over in the face of temptation, excusing it by saying, “I just can’t help myself.” But that doesn’t have to be your story.
Since temptation is an ever-present reality, we need to know how it works and why trying to conquer it in our flesh won’t work. To help us get past the excuses, we are going to learn from a brother in Christ who thoroughly understood the lusts of the flesh and the wiles of Satan, and who struggled in this area more than you might think. I’m talking about Paul, the Apostle to the Gentiles.

Sent from Prophet Timothy v Shockley Sr


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