Nothing is more tragic than a life without purpose.

Nothing is more tragic than a life without purpose.
If you’re not doing the right thing at the right time, that means you are doing the wrong thing at the wrong time.
Priority helps us sharpen our vision so we can focus on the most important things.
If you are not pursuing the purpose you were born for, then you are pursuing the wrong thing.
Everything man does outside the Kingdom of Heaven is motivated by the drive to meet personal needs. All religion is driven by the priority of needs.
Jesus said, “Don’t worry about your life.”
Worry is the most useless exercise in the world.
If you make God your source, then He calls the shots. And if He calls the shots, He pays the bills!
Any religion that focuses on the acquisition of things and the meeting of personal needs is a religion of pagans.
If food, drink, clothing, money, car, house and other material things are your priorities, then you are thinking and acting like a pagan, no matter what you claim to believe.
12. It is time for us to stop living according to Maslow’s hierarchy of needs and start living by the principles and priorities of the Kingdom of Heaven. ENDNOTE

1. Myles Munroe, Kingdom Principles

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