Never Respond Permanently to a Temporary Problem

Never Respond Permanently to a Temporary Problem

Do not throw your hands up and say, “That’s it! It’s over. I am not going to make it.” If you do that, you are trying to make a permanent condition out of a temporary experience. What causes you to think that this current season of crisis will never end? It will end. It is temporary.
Do not give up the ship just because a storm hits. Do not throw away your winter clothes just because summer has arrived. Those are permanent solutions to temporary problems. This season will change into the next one, without fail. Your weeping will turn into laughing.
Do not base your opinions on your current circumstances. Some people assume that because they are broke, they have done something wrong, and God is unhappy with them. That is not true. It is just a season, a “broke season.” God has allowed this season to test your faith. Your faith will take you into the next season, and it will remove you from your present season. You have not put your faith in your money anyway, have you? You have put your faith in the God who is much more permanent than money. This season, too, shall pass. Here is God’s promise to Noah and to all of us who have followed after Him:

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