You’ll never be fulfilled without God, because

You’ll never be fulfilled without God, because
you are looking for what God has.

For this reason, God gives you the Holy Spirit. The only way to get out of God and into you the deep things God knows about you is through His Spirit communing with yours. The Holy Spirit searches the deep things of God—the deep things about you that you lack. God prepared and predestined those things for you before you were created. He had them in Himself and gave them to you at birth. But you don’t know those things exist, because sin has capped the well and blocked the way. Only God, through the Holy Spirit, can reveal them again.
Do you want to know how cute you can be? Check God out. Do you want to know how smart you are? Go back to God. Your potential is buried in God. We think going to the moon is great—we should see what God had planned that we didn’t follow. Our eyes will never see the stuff God prepared for us, nor will our ears hear it. Only the Holy Spirit can reveal to us the deep things of God that tell us who we are.
Through the gift of the Holy Spirit, you can reestablish your relationship with God. The Holy Spirit, connected with your spirit, unravels the knots that have bound your thoughts, removes the streaks that have blurred your vision and clears the debris that has hidden your potential. Working like a sculptor, He brings out the beauty hidden deep within your being, because that is the real you.
Open your life to Jesus Christ. Allow God to reveal His secret wisdom concerning you. See with your eyes and hear with your ears things you have never seen or heard before. Conceive with your mind thoughts that never before have occurred to you. Cooperate with the Holy Spirit as He sucks out of God and into you the depths of the riches that God prepared for you. Live the rest of your life building an atmosphere where it is possible for the Holy Spirit to use you as He takes His bucket of hope, dips it deep into the wells of your potential and pulls it to the top of your senses. Drink deeply, growing in the knowledge of who you really are in God. That’s my dream.

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One comment on “You’ll never be fulfilled without God, because

  1. Hi Pastor Shockley,
    as a sculptor I liked the description, I agree; God is good at removing our rough edges and forming us into something beautiful in his sight –

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