The Power of prayer

A cardinal principle of answered prayer is that I believe in the trustworthiness of the One to whom I am praying. Do I believe that God is honorable and that He will keep His Word? Do I think of the Word as being alive and active on my behalf, or is reading the Bible just a religious obligation to me? When I read in the Bible about God answering the prayers of His people, do I allow it to buil my faith for my own circumstances, or do I think I am just reading some interesting stories? Focus this week on abiding in Christ and having His words abide in you (John 15:7), so that the Word can be inside you to work powerfully in your life. Spend time worshipping and fellowshipping with God, reading and mediating on His Word, praying and fasting. Meditate on verses that speak to the various needs in your life in order to build your faith in God and His Word. (For example: wisdom-James 1:5; salvation-John 3:16; healing-1 Peter 2:24; finances-Phil. 4:19; prosperity-Isaiah 1:19-20; provision-Matthew 7:11.) Examine the lives of three people in the Bible who offered effectual prayers to God. What were their prayers like? What were their lives like? What had God promised them? What did God show or do for them in answering their prayers? Write down your findings and refer to them when you are in similar situations. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®


Come forth it’s your time

When they buried Lazarus, people sealed him in. In my own life, I have been through some pretty tough stuff, but what made it most difficult to come back were those around me who sealed my fate. What good is it to be forgiven and given a second chance when everyone around you only remembers the stench of death that was on you? Those who seal you in a tomb continue to talk about the old you. Their biting words doom you to forever live under a dark cloud of past mistakes. Those standing at Lazarus tomb may have supposed that Jesus would not have the stone unsealed and moved away, but He did. You’ve been disappointed and discouraged, but did you ever consider why the devil has worked so hard to keep you from your purpose and calling? What does he know about you that you don’t even know about yourself? You have needed some help rolling away the stone so you could come out. There’s been a lot holding you back. But don’t look back over the hindrances, or they will impede your forward progress. Come forth, in the name of Jesus. Everything that limits and hinders you, I curse it and move it out of your way in Jesus name. Right now, in the name of Jesus, I release you from every demonic force and mental barrier that has held and sealed your destiny. They are destroyed and I declare the peace of God will fill your mind. In the name of Jesus, I curse every spirit that has held you, and I cast these spirits out of you. You are free, for whom the Lord sets free is free indeed. (John 11:1-39) (Psalm 139:7-10). God bless. Sent on the Sprint® Now Network from my BlackBerry®