Family Matters with pastor shockley

Family Matters with pastor shockley

Were going to talk about dating and marriage.

1. Stability-a person that’s not stable don’t know who they really are, a person that is not stable can’t bring stability to your home. Children throws everything into second gear, it’s not about you it’s about who’s around you or who’s closet to you.

2. True Worthiness-can you trust the one you are dating. Does that person keep his or her word.? If you can’t trust your other you will always me let down. People can talk all day, pay close attention to what somebody is talking about.

3. Goals? What kind of goals do they have? You have to really make sure that they have something to offer. If a man is dropping you off at work and going back home with no job, get rid of him or her.

4. Does he or she have a job?

5. Family issues. How does he or she treat their parents?

6. Past relationships, find out what happened what happened in the past relationship

7. Living arrangements: do he or she have their own place, of shows you that they can take Care of themselves and is willing to work to make a living.

8. Do they have rituals with their friends, do they push you away for their friends? Is that person number 1?

9. Is it love or is it lust? Don’t go off of feeling or emotions. Reference proverbs 10:22

10. Do you see yourself being a life long partner? God values family and it starts with the two adults in the dating process.

11. Any bad or annoying habits that will cost you in the future?

12. How do they handle their money? Are they good stewards over their finances? You have to have a balance.

13. Respect. Do they have respect for you or your kids?

14. Listen to their life history

15. Date at least 6 months to a year. Take enough time to date a person so you can know who they are and make sure that person can handle

Never tell a person what your looking for in a person, because they will do and live out exactly what you’re looking for. They will put on a performance and become exactly what you looking for. Let them prove themselves.

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One comment on “Family Matters with pastor shockley

  1. Young people need to know the answers to these questions before getting serious with anyone. A course on dating should be mandatory (made so by their parents). Great article.

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